Structure of a training course work with technical specialties

Structure of a training course work with technical specialties

Coursework is made from an explanatory note and a visual (illustrative) product.

Framework associated with the explanatory note associated with program work:

  1. name web page;
  2. abstract;
  3. content;
  4. a number of notations and abbreviations (if required);
  5. Introduction;
  6. The primary component (parts, chapters);
  7. Summary (conclusions in the work done);
  8. selection of resources of literary works;

The following part are attached to the course work

  1. article on program work;
  2. electronic version
  3. paper version bound
  4. certification of verification associated with level of plagiarism.

The visual component contains design, illustrative materials regarding the course work, such as for example drawings, diagrams, slides, etc.

Abstract being a right part needless to say work

An requirement that is obligatory course work is the rational connection between its components plus the constant growth of the key concept of this issue through the work.

The abstract should include: all about the range of work, the amount of pictures, tables, applications, how many parts (chapters) of work, how many sources used; directory of key words; the written text associated with abstract.

record of key words includes from 5 to 15 terms or expressions from the text associated with the ongoing work, which most characterize its content and offer the likelihood of data retrieval. One of the keys terms get within the nominative situation and are printed in lowercase letters in a line through commas.

The writing associated with abstract should mirror:

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