I will be a 64-year cancer survivor that is old. In 2012, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma november. After five operations, including a colostomy, and subsequent chemotherapy, my mom (who was simply my caretaker) and I also looked for alternate treatments, but the majority of that which we discovered had been snake oil information—dishonest individuals wanting to offer alleged “miracle remedies” to vulnerable patients,” frequently with fancy product sales pitches.

A German university’s research article about cannabis treatment plan for cancer changed my entire life. After many months of cannabis treatment health practitioners confirmed that I happened to be cancer-free.

perhaps Not being completely pleased with dispensary cannabis strains, I began developing my personal.

Chances are, We have generated lots of amazingly SHORAK that are powerful strains, mostly to treat cancer tumors, also for other diseases. For pretty much 5 years now, we now have worked in cancer help. Numerous cancer-stricken friends with who we shared the oil had been healed. Therefore had been patients when you look at the cancer help group we have been going to. With this specific web site we aspire to achieve a lot more individuals looking for this type of information.

Besides cigarette smoking and vaporizing, medical cannabis may be ingested in several forms of meals and beverages, referred to as “edibles”

It may also be used extremely effortlessly as being a suppository, and even though many people are rather hesitant about it. Whenever I mention rectal application, clients frequently ask me, “You want us to place this WHERE?”

I’ve tried all those practices (except the suppository). But I became simply had not been believing that I became using the cannabis medicine within the many efficient way. After some experimenting, I switched to using cannabis oil completely. Continue reading « Welcome »